国外很流行的 “unspirational” quote”. 这里的每一句话都好伤人心哦。但又不自觉的笑出来,怎么会这样? T^T


1. Never. Give up.



2. The tragedy is that dumb people are too dumb to know that they are dumb.



3. I would love you if you were pizza.



4. Monday is an asshole.



5. Started from the bottom…still at the bottom.



6. Complaining is my hobby.



7. You’re not that great, but neither is anyone else.



8. Every day is another opportunity to fuck it all up again.



9. Before you judge someone else, try to keep in mind that you’re probably a piece of shit too.



10. It’s a beautiful day to not be an asshole.



11. There’s no such thing as waking up from a nightmare because the world is a nightmare.



12. All I want to do is sleep.



13. Sometimes I go into the bathroom and just check my phone and completely forget to pee.



14. 85% of my life is just trying to figure out what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.



15. The best things in life are actually expensive.



16. I’m very embarrassed to be your friend.



17. We all hate your outfit but we are too afraid to tell you.



18. Working out is a great way to make your slow march towards death a little more attractive.



19. I look like I’m trying to help but actually I’m pushing the “Close Elevator” button as hard as I can.


20. Work hard. Fail anyway.



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