Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) of TAG La


Today, we will be sharing you a series of frequently asked questions (FAQ) from our TAGFORMERS! We have answered all the questions and we’ve decided to post some of the most important questions here for you to have a clearer understanding. Let’s find it out now!


How does TAG La works?

TAG La uses Bluetooth radio waves to communicate with the TAG LA app on your phone and/or tablet. The TAG La app automatically “discovers” an activated TAG La and then uses location services to update the location information to your app. Your TAG La can be discovered by your phone or tablet from up to 75ft., which is the standard range for Bluetooth. Your TAG La and your phone are connected to each other when the TAG La app is running (foreground or background), location services are enabled on your device, and your TAG La devices are within range of each other. If any of these isn’t switch on, your TAG La will be unable to work.



TAG La works in five ways:

1)Ring your TAG La
2)Ring your phone
3)View your TAG La’s last known location on the map
4)Photography remote feature
5)Enlist the power of your community


What if my phone is lost?

1) Firstly, make sure the TAG La app is running, no matter in the background or foreground of your phone, and make sure your phone is in the 75ft. Bluetooth range!
2) Double-press the TAG La’s button to ring your phone, even if it’s on silent mode! Yes, the phone rings even it’s on silent mode, so don’t worry!


What if I have double-pressed the TAG La’s button, but my phone still isn’t ringing?

This is because your TAG La isn’t in the range of your device, Bluetooth is not enabled and the TAG La app is closed. Make sure you have your app and Bluetooth on AT ALL TIMES to prevent the TAG La device from disconnecting from your phone. But, need not to worry, it won’t drain your phone battery. Oh, and don’t forget the 75ft. Bluetooth range, too!


How long does the battery last?

TAG La uses CR 2032 Lithium Coin Battery, lasts up to 6 months and it is not rechargeable. The battery can be easily purchased in the market or you can purchase through our website directly.


How many TAG La can I use in 1 account?

There’s no limit to the number of TAG La you can add to your TAG La account! Your device can make a certain number of Bluetooth connections at one time: iOS (Apple) and Android devices can handle up to 6 connections at once.

For full video check it out here!

For more FAQ, please visit https://tagla.com.my/faq/

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