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TAG LA© Finder Version 2 (Blue)


TAG LA© Finder Version 2 (Blue) is now smaller, thinner and more powerful! With a brand new technology that helps you find your lost items or as a reminder. It is portable, small and convenience to place, slide or even stick to your valuable items.

TAG LA© Finder Version 2 (Blue) is the color of nature. It’s associated with growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility.

Product Information

A Bluetooth tracking device that keeps your valuables safe in your hands. Our device bundles 5 unique functions into 1 small and stylish item. 

1) Attach

your TAG La device to the items you don’t want to lose and connect it to the TAG La App.

2) Ring

your TAG La device with a simple tap on your screen through our TAG La App.

3) Find Your Phone

Double press on your TAG La device and your phone will ring even if its on silent mode.

4) Lost History

Once you overextend the tracking range, your phone will automatically receive a notification notifying you that you’ve left your item behind. You can check the last location of your item in the App.

5) Crowd GPS

If you’ve lost an item outside of the tracking range, you can ask the TAG La community for help. If a TAG La user passes by your item, you will receive the latest location of your item.

6) Selfie Remote

Use your TAG La as a selfie remote to take a picture with our in-app camera.



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