TAG La Premium Corporate gifts, including company logo print!

TAG La Premium Corporate gifts, including company logo print!


Do you know we supply TAG La for our valuable customers for their corporate events, meetings, anniversary gifts, door gifts and advertising promotional products? We offer a one-stop solution to our Malaysia gift customers, including printing of company’s name or brand, packaging the gift, and delivery the gift to their doorstep.


What is TAG La?

TAG La is a Bluetooth device that helps people keep track of their belongings and locate it whenever needed. It operates through a Bluetooth connection from your mobile device that is then linked to the mini portable device.


“Call out” to your items.


“Call out” to your phone and make it ring even if it’s on silent.


Show item’s last location.


Notify you immediately when you left your item behind.


Built-in photography feature.


Crowd GPS.


Instead of the same old promotional gift for your office or event, give them something they will use every day to keep track of what matters to them. TAG La gives you a premium gift idea that shows your clients you care. Your company needs a premium gift that can “WOW” your clients, not something that they could receive in most of the events!


UV Printing Technology


TAG La uses UV Printing technology to print your company’s logo to TAG La’s surface. UV printing is considered a green technology, safe for the environment and leaving an almost zero carbon footprint. Of course, because UV inks dry on contact, they NEVER SMUDGE. And that means you will never need to add costly coatings to protect against smears and rub-offs.


Delicate Packaging

Worry about the packaging? We’ve got you covered! All TAG La comes with delicate packaging hand-wrapped carefully by our lovely staffs. A special gift for special you!


Special Price

 The minimum order for TAG La premium corporate gift would be 120 pieces. You will also be given a promotional rate for bulk order. Get in touch with us now for the bulk pricing! 


To learn more about TAG La corporate gifts, and how they can help your marketing campaigns, contact us now at ilovetagla@gmail.com. We are happy to guide you with our professional knowledge to improve your company’s identities and awareness through the public.


To learn more about TAG La device, kindly visit www.tagla.com.my/corporate-gift

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